Sunday, February 18, 2007

To wear or not to wear knickers on a date

I have Site Meter on my blog (you can see the link at the bottom of this page) and it gives me stats on those of you who visit WebWeaver's World, which pages you visit, how long you stay, where in the world you come from - all that interesting stuff. I love looking at all the places you come from - it's so completely cool. I pay a small amount per year for a bunch of additional info including the search words you come in on.

I know I've had at least one visit from The White House (can't be George though - he can't even refer to "the internets" properly - and he certainly has no idea how to use "The Google"!) - but my very favourite piece of info I've picked up from my Site Meter stats recently is that the phrase

to wear or not to wear knickers on a date
was actually used in a Google search by someone who ended up on my site, at the post entitled What not to wear. Good Lord! I came sixth in the Google search results for that particular phrase.

So, anonymous from Milton Keynes in the UK who is trying to find out whether or not they should don underwear when meeting up with that special person - I'm terribly sorry that I wasn't able to supply you with an answer either way - but thanks a million for making my day!

I hope you figured out what you should do - and that the date was everything you'd hoped it would be. Now please excuse me while I roll on the floor in helpless hysterics for a wee bit longer. You rule! God I love the internets!

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