Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stand for Mayor, Georgina!

I conducted a (very) informal staw poll at Iain and Alice's place this evening. My question to Iain, Alice, Angela and Jones was "if Georgina stands for Mayor of Wellington, will you vote for her?

Results were 4:1 in favour of Georgina:

Angela: Yes, defintely.

Alice: Hell yeah! (actually Alice would vote for anyone-who-isn't-Kerry-Prendergast).

Iain: Yes because she's a left-winger and Kerry's a right-winger and he'd rather have a left-winger as Mayor.

Jones: Probably not, partly cos he's heard she wasn't entirely popular in the Wairarapa but mainly because he probably won't be voting for anyone.

Me: DEFINITELY!! I love Georgina! I think she's smart, and funny, and an amazing character, and she's got bags of experience and heaps of ideas. She's motivated and - well - pretty awesome really. I think she'd do a brilliant job. And I hatehatehate Kerry Prendergast with the heat of a thousand suns and I will NEVER forgive her for the fucking nightmare that is the Te Aro Bypass rant rant rant.

We then all got into a full-on rant about the fucking nightmare that is the Te Aro Bypass and how it now takes three-quarters of an hour for Alice to "pop into" town because the traffic's so appalling waiting at the bloody traffic lights so that the motorway traffic can save 30 seconds getting to the airport - and how I haven't driven through town once since the bypass was opened 'cos I haven't a clue how to get anywhere any more. I drive around the edge which is further and takes longer.

I'm so completely and utterly disgusted by the bypass. Always was, always will be. That the might of the automobile can trump the way of life of an entire inner-city community is totally abhorrent IMO. Let's save 30 or 60 or even 90 seconds getting to the airport - and destroy a community in the process! Plus (and this is something any student of road-building and human behaviour could tell you) if you build a bigger road, more cars will use it, and any time-saving you might have made will soon disappear. Plus everyone else not on the motorway loses far more time waiting at the bloody traffic lights! Insanity.

Oh - and I'm not too keen on the "no-conflict-of-interest - honest" situation with Prendergast and her husband, developer Rex Nicholls either...

Anyway, negative rant over.

Postive (and brief) rant begins:


I think you'd walk it - and if my straw poll is anything to go by - you'd have a sizeable majority of the votes...

Small voice disclaimer okay so all my friends are lefties, but still... :)

Beyer ponders contesting Wellington mayoralty

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