Monday, May 04, 2009

OK Universe, you can slow down a bit now

So you remember how I was having a little freak-out in March because I had one or two days in a row where I had no work to do?

I realised I hadn't actually Asked The Universe To Provide for a wee while, so I asked - and now I have work coming out of my ears.

How funny. I certainly won't be signing on for a little while longer, that's for sure.

I see the feast or famine thing time and time again with contracting and freelance work. Happens all the time. I guess that's because there's only one point where "too much" and "not enough" are perfectly balanced, whereas there are many points where one side of the seesaw is heavier than the other, but still - it can be somewhat exhausting, this not-knowing thing.

I guess that's made up for by the fact that you earn a little more per hour when you're freelancing or contracting, but then again, there's a heck of a lot of preparation work involved too - especially when you're doing all the pitching for jobs and much of the project-managing, like I am.

I spent the entire week last week either at planning meetings, presentation meetings, or writing proposals and drawing up website wireframes. All prep work really, but when it goes well, it's a very worthwhile investment.

Sue and I won an awesome contract a couple of weeks ago which we're completely thrilled about, and she's working on the designs as I write this. Can't wait to see them - I know they're going to be lovely.

Tom and I are working on another website for a freelance client at the moment - I've been working on the design for the last couple of days and it's really coming together nicely. Hope the client likes my colour palette. We shall see.

I'm definitely feeling very positive about being a contractor and freelancer at the moment (probably because I've got heaps of work on!) - and I do like the freedom of it, even though writing pitch proposals isn't my favourite thing... This morning for example I was able to watch the ATP tennis delayed coverage before I stared working - which I certainly couldn't do if I were an employee. Heh.

I do miss being in a team though. I did a couple of week's work at Shift recently and OHMYGOD it was so nice to be back there again. I love those guys! You might think it would feel weird to be back there, but it wasn't at all - it was just really nice.

I think I'm turning into a crazy old lady though - because I'm spending so much time working from home I've noticed I've been talking to myself rather a lot (or the cats) - there being no-one else around to talk to. I just have to make sure I don't do it in public too much, or my secret will be out!

OK, back to work - wrangling logos into a tiny space is always fun.


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Carolina Clay said...


Thnx for the update! Your projects sound exciting. Hang in there!