Saturday, April 18, 2009

I just love Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from the musical "Les Miserables" on "Britain's Got Talent". 19,233,462 views in 5 days... and counting.


I cry every time I watch it. Completely fabulous.

Then have a listen to her singing "Cry Me A River". Woah. What a voice!

Susan, I think you're completely wonderful.

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Carolina Clay said...


Me, too! Thnx for including "Cry Me a River" with Susan Boyle's Les Miz selection. I must say I love Simon's expression in the YouTube frame of "I Dreamed a Dream." *g*

Hope all is well with you!


webweaver said...

Hi Caro!

All is good with me - I've got lots of work coming in again - hooray!

As for Susan and her beautiful voice - well! What a discovery! Makes me think of how we all felt when we first heard Clay's voice.

I just had a look at the numbers on the Viral Video Chart, and I'm stunned by what it says.

Over the past 6 days, the 63 video variations on YouTube and elsewhere of Susan singing "I Dreamed a Dream" have notched up an unbelievable 42,994,846 views. Holy hell!

I don't buy that many CDs these days - but if Susan released a CD I can say with confidence that I would DEFINITELY buy it. She has a voice that send shivers down your spine and makes you weep because of its purity and sheer beauty. Wonderful.