Monday, October 08, 2007

All Blacks vs France

One word:


Actually, maybe I'll have a few more words now I'm here. Like "dodgy fucking ref".

Hey - I wouldn't have minded if the French had won it fair and square - I'm all about fair play and giving praise where praise is due. I think the French played pretty well, I think we played pretty averagely at times - and made a few too many errors at crucial moments... they may well have beaten us anyway, but...

For fuck's sake, was someone paying the ref off? A yellow card for Luke McAlister for something that may well have been accidental and merited at most a penalty, then 20 minutes later not a yellow card in sight for a French player doing exactly the same thing? And oh my God the forward pass that led to the second French try! How could the ref or the linesman NOT SEE THAT?

Hey guys - I hope you "match officials" enjoy the eeeevil vibes coming at you from 4 million people down here in little old EnZed. We never like to lose - but we're reasonably gracious in defeat when it's fair and square. This one wasn't - which is why it hurts so much.

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