Friday, August 17, 2007

Sydney calling!

ShiftiesHere we are at the really rather nice Citigate Hotel in Sydney. We arrived yesterday evening, all raring to do our thing at FullCodePress. Go the Code Blacks!

The Shifties all wore black yesterday to inspire me and Thomas - don't they look cool? I love Shift!

Peter, Steve and Zef - reviewing the view. It's been a lovely day today - most of us did the touristy thing and walked all the way down Pitt Street to Circular Quay, checked out the Opera House (it's still one of my favourite buildings in the whole wide world) and then Jeffrey, Peter and I took the ferry to Manly. I just love the Manly ferry. Andy and I used to go on little day-trips to Manly all the time.

Jeffrey, Peter and I had just enough time to race across to the ocean beach, pootle across the sand, paddle in the ocean (Jeffrey only - he said it was cold!), take pictures, then race back to the ferry and jump on it again. We took the train back uptown, and got back in perfect time for our briefing. Yaay!

Sydney Opera House detail. We've been having a bit of an interesting time with the network - the guys who paid to get online in their rooms last night have a different IP address cached on their machines from those of us who didn't - we are now on two different networks and can't see each other. haha. Thank goodness for Flash drives, CDs, iPods and other mobile devices.

Anyway, I need to log off now and go have dinner. Maybe we'll figure it out later on... very weird.

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