Sunday, August 19, 2007

FullCodePress - 2:41am

It's 2:41am - we're a little over two thirds of the way through our 24 hours...

I think everyone's pretty tired, but we're all still working doggedly away. Things are looking good.

Steve completed the design hours ago, and Jeffrey (who is THE MAN when it comes to incredibly speedy coding) has built all the templates. They are looking awesome. Pixel-perfect match to Steve's design - and in about a third of the time I think I would have taken. I realise I am SO NOT a speedy coder. Slow and steady (and as perfect as I can get them), but definitely not jet-propelled. I think I'm the tortoise, rather than the hare.

Zef did an awesome job on the information architecture. I don't know how he did it, but he managed to work through pretty much the entire process (including personas and beautiful schematics) even though he had only a fraction of the time he would normally take. The FullCodePress online viewers voted for the Kiwi personas as their favourites - which was very nice to see.

It was SO cool when our client, Debbie Verdon of Grampians disAbility Advocacy Association, first saw Steve's design. He put it up on the big screen for her to see, and there was this intake of breath, and a long drawn-out "ooooh!" - she loved it. It's bloody brilliant to be doing this for such a deserving cause. I'm sure I'll get all teary once we finish it.

Mark's been doing an incredible job on the programming. He's had SO much to do - creating a CMS and database system from scratch, getting it all working - he's now in the middle of coding up Jeffrey's templates so that we can put them up and start loading content. I'm in awe of what he's achieved in such a short time.

Meanwhile Peter has been working quietly away on writing the content for all the pages - it's been a big task, and I think he might be nearly finished. He got a bit tired for a while after dinner, but I think he's got his second wind now.

Thomas has been racing around motivating us all, sorting out who's doing what, making sure we're all on track, and letting us know if we're keeping to the schedule (we pretty much are, I think!). He's been the powerhouse behind us all, I think.

And me - well I've built the forms, added a whole bunch of online newspapers to a Google reader that Thomas set up, had a first go at the Privacy page (Peter's finishing it off), helped out where I could, made notes at client meetings and generally tried to be as useful as I could without getting in anyone's way. It's been quite weird not having a clearly defined role - but a very interesting change, for sure.

I'll be testing the site against the WCAG Guidelines once Jeffrey's finished putting the forms into his templates, and Steve will be doing some browser testing soon.

Once Mark's got the templates under control we'll all be inputting content. Fun fun fun!

I'll do another update later....

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