Friday, August 03, 2007

Facebook for cats

Winnie. Up until today I had successfully managed to avoid creating a profile on any of the social networking sites. I'm finding it hard enough to find time to write my blog (apologies for that, btw) without having to do all this making friends and poking people all over the internets as well.

I say "up until today" because I've just spent half an hour setting myself up on Facebook.

Bailey. It's not for me, you understand. Oh no, it's simply so that Winnie and Bailey can each have their own little Catbook profile and so that they can make lots of kitty friends from the safety of my lap, in front of the computer. No more getting beaten up by the mean cat next door! Let's make friends with some virtual cats instead!

As they each have each other on their "friends" list, they currently both have more friends than I do. *sob*

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Fatty said...

Thank you for putting Winnie and Bailey on Catbook, I have 8 friends now.


(that's a pawprint)

webweaver said...

Miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow.


Span said...

What lovely cats! The first one looks a bit like our Mara, she is not good at making real life friends either. Unless scars, abcesses and limping are signs of cat buddy-ness, I guess.