Thursday, June 28, 2007


I just pressed the "submit" button on my application to take part in FullCodePress. Woohoo!

Regular readers might have noticed a distinct lack of entries on my blog over the past couple of weeks - well now you know why. I've been updating my website to include the dozen or so sites I've built over the past year (Oopsie! Need to keep that website updated, girrl!)

I'd like to collapse in a heap right about now, but no - I need to keep on working on the latest awesome site to leave the hallowed halls of Shift, so this blog post is gonna be pretty short.

In fact, I think I might stop right now. I'm planning to do a bunch of musings on FullCodePress over the next few days - I have one in my head entitled The pursuit of perfection and learning to let go which I'm sure you're just dying to read, but I'm gonna leave it for now and get back to WORK...


FullCodePress (part two)
Awesome! I'm on the team!

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