Thursday, May 10, 2007

Team New Zealand beats Oracle to rise to the top

Team New Zealand prepares to round the windward mark. This one's just for you PJ - cos I know how much you love the America's Cup!


Emirates Team New Zealand have beaten BMW Oracle in the last race of the round robin 2 in the Louis Vuitton Cup challenger series. We're at the top of the table, which means we get to pick who we go up against in the semi finals.

It was a huge win - by almost 500m, and 1 minute 34 seconds. We took the lead early on, and extended it throughout the race. Awesome job, guys!

I'll see if I can find a pretty pic to add to this in the morning. Found one!

UPDATE: a bunch of useful links:
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PJ said...

Oh thanks for that WW! An update on my favourite sport! How nice!

BTW - isn't it true there are actually more New Zealanders on Oracle than whatever 'our' boat is called? Go Chris Dickson and KZ7!

webweaver said...

har har. ;)

No actually there are more on the Team New Zealand boat - yesterday I think they said there were 15 Kiwis on our boat, and 11 on Oracle. Or something like that, anyway.

Go Kiwis on boats, I say!