Monday, November 13, 2006

Stitches come out, results are back, is it cancer?

The cut with stitches still in. Nope. Hooray! Thank goodness for that!

The whatever-it-was on my face was a weird-looking form of pre-cancer called lichenoid solar keratosis. If you look at the three pictures at the top of this page, mine looked exactly like the one in the middle. Same place on my face, too. Sometimes they can become cancerous, but it hadn't reached that stage yet. Glad it's gone though.

They took my stitches out (which really didn't hurt at all, it just prickled a bit) and Chris Adams (my plastic surgeon) said that the cut has healed really well, and that I don't need to see him again. Yaay! Thank you Chris!

The cut after the stitches were taken out. I got him to take a couple of pictures of the cut with the stitches in, and another after the stitches were gone. I've just taken a closer look at them (in preparation for putting them online - and I have to say I totally didn't realise how long the cut was. Yikes! Hope the scar won't be too bad!

Now I just have to put "paper tape" on the cut for the next 6-8 weeks to help reduce scarring, and I'll be all set.

He also said to me "You should wear a sunhat and sunblock for the rest of your life", which I think is good advice for anyone who lives here. I almost always do anyway, but (as I confessed in my first blog post about this subject) not always when I'm gardening. So that'll have to change. You can get moisturiser that contains sunblock so maybe I should switch to using that every day instead of my current moisturiser.

I asked the lovely nurse how Chris had done the cut, as I couldn't figure out how they had ended up with such a long neat scar when they had had to remove a round patch of skin about the size of my thumbnail, and she said it was "eye-shaped", which accounts for the length of the scar. So there you go. Now I know.

And yaay for me not having skin cancer!

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Texas Rottie said...

Many blessings to you. May you remain cancer free ! Just surfing to see how to best deal with my now stitch free three incisions from my cancer removal this past week. Margins came back clear so looks like I get a second chance. Mine was from tanning beds so staying out of the sun without sunblock will not be an issue. All my incisions were larger than expected but my surgeon used the eye shaped cuts as well to end up with a better scar in the future. Thanks for the info on the paper tape, going to get some more tomorrow and continue to use it after I take off the original tapes in 4 days. I took pictures from pre-surgery to after stitches and plan to photograph the progress every 2-3 days.