Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A bunch of funky websites

Here's the latest bunch of websites I've bookmarked. Enjoy!

Legend by Jason O'Harastudio j - this site belongs to my lovely friend Jason O'Hara, who used to be my boss at Origin Design. The site is a gallery of his artworks, many of which are done on reclaimed materials from the beach. I love them! One day I'm going to buy one...

Uniqlo - I love the interactivity of this clothing site - it's such a great idea! Click on "Experience Uniqlo Explorer"on the right-hand side of the screen and see what happens.... Make sure you click on the teeny little pics once it's loaded... and then click on the big pic to see what happens next. Make sure you have the sound on - it includes very cute little noises.

There's more...

phatterism - created by luis santi jnr- I just love this blog! This is probably the most personalised blog I've ever seen - luis wanders into view as you arrive, and offers you handwritten posts which he "writes" as you pick them and then hands to you. There's lots of other cool stuff too - check it out! He's also rather cute, very talented and super-bright (and single!!!) but alas about a million years younger than me. It's the super-bright that always does it for me. Ah well, at least I can enjoy his blog occasionally. :) Make sure you have the sound on for this one too - it has a neat soundtrack.

Pophouse - pop-culture artifacts - real retro kitch collectibles - salvaged from all kinds of run-down tatty old warehouses and goodness knows where else. How about a Jesus Action Figure, a Muttley Bobble Head, Velvet Elvis Postcards or a Laverne and Shirley Coloring Book? Kewl!

Mercedes A-S - I found myself visiting every letter in the alphabet on this site - just to see what new Flash game or effect they had come up with on each page. It's quite gorgeous. "O for Ostrich" is one of my favourites. Nice ambient soundtrack, too.

US Presidential Speeches Tag Cloud - this is a fascinating page. Chirag Mehta has analysed a whole lot of American Presidential speeches, and displayed them as a Technorati-type "tag cloud" where the most commonly used "meaningful" words show up as the largest and lightest-coloured in the cloud. Give you three guesses what Dubya's favourite word has been for quite a while now...

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