Saturday, September 09, 2006

Video of TV One promo for The Path to 9/11

Well, I sat in front of the TV for over an hour with my finger hovering over the "go" button, trying to catch the very misleading TV One promo for The Path to 9/11. I wanted to film it with my little video camera so y'all could see it. It finally occurred to me that I should tape TV One instead of doing all that finger-hovering. Duh!

Eventually got it on tape, filmed it, (well I don't have a DVD recorder so it was the fastest way I could think of!), transcribed it and uploaded it to YouTube. Don't know how long it'll stay up there before it gets pulled, so the transcript is below, and I'll replace the video with a series of stills if it does get taken down.

Enjoy! (or not...)

And if you're wondering what my problem is with the promo (and The Path to 9/11 itself), take a look at yesterday's blog post - The controversy of The Path to 9/11.


Fly-over shot approaching Manhatten and the WTC from the south.
On-screen text: YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED...

Middle-Eastern (male) voice: We predict a black day for America.

View of Middle-Eastern man (Bin Laden?) surrounded by cheering supporters. Followed by shot of CIA agent watching through binoculars, while standing behind traditionally-dressed Afghani man (Commander Massoud).

On-screen text: THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENED.

American (male) voice: How many times is the Agency gonna fail this country?

TVOne voiceover: For the first time...

Black flag with Arabic writing on it flapping in the breeze (attached to a vehicle) as it drives towards an explosion. Zoom-in on WTC (intact). Shot of business people running along a glass-walled corridor (as seen from outside the building). Editor or newsman watching footage of Bin Laden.

TVOne voiceover: ...the shocking truth!

Closeup of Harvey Keitel character (FBI counterterrorism expert John O'Neill).

John O'Neill: They call him "the tall one".

Older American man (Cheney? Rove? Tenet?) passes John O'Neill a photo of Osama.

Older American man: His name is Osama Bin Laden.

Shot of White House.
TVOne voiceover: Then - and now...

Shot of CIA operatives watching on screen - something - that horrifies them.

American woman #1 (CIA?): Can't you give the order?
Sandy Berger I don't have that authority!
White noise on screen replaces image of Sandy Berger.

Shot of military helicopter against orange sky followed by news footage of Osama firing a rifle.
On-screen text: "Tension-filled and visually dazzling" - Dominion Post
TVOne voiceover: The television event you need to see...

Shot of Arabic man (being arrested?) followed by closeup of man in traditional Afghan dress.

Voiceover of Lead Afghan guerilla fighter, Masoud: Are there any men left in Washington?
Accompanied by shot of US soldier speaking into a two-way radio.

American woman #1 (CIA?): (distraught) We had him! We're responsible for that!

View of firefighters in the ruins of the World Trade Center.
On-screen text: WORLD PREMIERE
On-screen text: THE PATH TO 9/11
TVOne voiceover: Across two nights at the special time of 7.30 - The Path to 9/11. Sunday on One.

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