Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A bunch of cool websites

Here are one or two websites I've recently discovered, that I think are pretty cool...


Cats that look like Hitler - heh. Heh heh heh. Yup, this website is exactly what it sounds like - an ever-increasing collection of kitties who have at least a passing resemblance to Adolf. Does your cat (or, rather, kitler) have a tiny little toothbrush moustache going on? Better get down to Cats that look like Hitler and post a piccy!

There's more....

If the earth were a sandwich - remember how when you were a kid you'd imagine digging a giant hole which went right through the earth and ended up on the opposite side of the world? We used to say we'd end up in China. This site is powered by Google Maps and shows you exactly where you would end up if you dug that imaginary hole. I'd pop out in Spain, halfway between Valladolid and Salamanca. Who knew?

Identifont - wow - I cannot believe I've been a web designer for 10 years and only just discovered this site! Identifont allows you to identify pretty much any font by answering a series of multi-choice questions about the styling of the letters. You don't even have to have a whole alphabet - you can simply type in a phrase and the questions will be tailored to the letters you do have. Absolutely brilliant!

Internet Soul Portraits - can you identify these world-famous websites which have been stripped of all text and graphics? All that's left to help you is the layout and the background colours of each. Pretty cool. I spotted Google immediately, but some of the others were quite a challenge.

Pitchfork: Now That's What I Call New Pop! - and how did I ever miss this site? A music site with well-researched, well-written articles - including articles about the music I love and care about - and about which I can also express an intelligent opinion. In other words, in addition to the latest music news and reviews, there's plenty of stuff about music made before the mid-90s. Heh. I discovered this particular article when I was Googling for 80s bands the other day. It gave me inspiration about a few mp3s I need to add to my collection...

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