Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Thousand Different Ways

Clay Aiken - a great excuse to use another picture of his hott new lookAt last!!! Clay Aiken's upcoming sophmore album finally has a name - it's called A Thousand Different Ways.

Clay's been teasing us for a couple of weeks now - first came the "guess the acronym" game, where he told us the title had four words, the first word began with a vowel, the other three with consonants, and all the letters were different. The first person to guess the acronym got a phone call from Clay and other cool stuff including a signed copy of the album. Over the following few days he gave us more and more clues, and finally someone guessed right. They got their phone call from Clay the other day.

He's a clever boy, our Clay. He knows everyone on the message boards uses acronyms all the time for names of his songs and albums, so I guess he thought he'd give us a head start on this one.

Once the acronym ATDW was announced, he had us all guessing the actual title, and today it was announced on his fanclub website by his producer, Jaymes Foster Levy. Her blog is quite revealing, she calls it "our" album (thanks Clay!), and says we will hear him singing in some completely new ways. Cool! I love that man's voice SO much!

The one thing that the ClayNation wants most from Clay's new album (apart from, you know, actually getting hold of a copy) is to hear his voice up front and center, in the same incredible way that we get to hear him live. Jaymes promises us that this is exactly what we're going to get. I can't wait! Thanks for the awesome birthday present, guys!

If you're a member of Clay's Official Fanclub and want to read Jaymes's blog, you can access it here - access for members only I'm afraid - you need to be logged on to the site before you click the link.

Now we're just waiting for the release date, info on the upcoming tour, the name of the first single, yadda yadda yadda. It's still a waiting game, but I think the drought may finally be breaking! AWoooooHoooo!

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The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

I am really getting excited about this CD and can't wait for more news to come our way. I was hoping maybe he'd put a little snippet of the first single on the fan club. I so want to hear some new Clay music!

Vox Vixen said...

Clay was so incredibly cute with his NANA contest. I wouldn't be surprised if he someday blogged in all acronyms. *g*