Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Getting ready to go...

My verandahWell, I've had my last day at work for a wee while, finished (pretty much) everything I had to finish, left post-it notes all over my notebook for Ross in case he has to take over my major project while I'm away, and asked Tom to make sure I get a place to sleep when we stay an extra day up the mountain after the company hui. I think I'm all set work-wise...

Now I'm at home, having done all my washing (wondering if it'll dry in time), wrapped the pressies for the family and written (and continue to add things to) my humungous list of things-to-do-before-I-go - I'm even crossing some things off now! Hooray!

Winnie is sitting on the desk behind me, checking to see what I'm doing. She's been out late tonight, and I was starting to wonder if I'd be out searching for her after midnight. That would not be great timing, seeing as we have to go to the cattery tomorrow.

BaileyAh - the cattery. It's such a mission to get Winnie and Bailey in their baskets ready to go. I have to be really sneaky about it, because if they hear as much as a creak from the basketwork, they both scoot under or behind the furniture, and it can take an hour to find and catch them. Bailey in particular is an extremely good hider - because he hates his basket. If I'm not able to catch him unawares and get him in it almost immediately, he'll be so wound-up by the time I do catch him, that he's likely to have a little "accident" on the way to the cattery - which is no fun for anyone!

My trick these days is to get the baskets ready in the laundry the night before, which does freak the cats out slightly because they hear me moving them - but then they generally calm down again once they realise nothing bad's happening right then. The next morning I let them into the laundry one at a time (they like going in there because a) it's where their food is and b) it's usually the way out to freedom throught the cat door), close the door real fast and then - they pretty much give up the fight because there's nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide. Brilliant! It certainly beats chasing them around the house!

I love the phrase "it's like herding cats". It's so true!

I was walking home this evening and I started to feel a little homesick - and I haven't even left yet! How funny is that? I love New Zealand so much, I always miss it terribly when I'm away. And I miss my house and my cats quite desperately. It can be almost a physical ache sometimes.

WinnieWinnie's now decided she needs to sit on me while I write this. She's curled up on my lap and she's got her head on my right arm. I have the choice of typing with my left hand only, or using both and annoying her because I'm moving the arm she's resting on; but I'm going for the latter for a while, just so I can get this done. Oh. She's not too impressed. She's now placed her paw firmly on my arm - I think she's trying to stop me moving it. I'll have to slow down. Heh. She's got me wrapped around her little claw hasn't she? Yes, I know :)

So - stuff to do tomorrow. Mostly deciding what clothes to take and packing them, finishing off my accounts (oops sorry Mr GST man!), making sure I have every plug and converter known to humankind to run all my stuff while I'm over in the UK, taking the cats to the cattery at some stage, watering all my plants (I have many!), tidying the house, etc etc etc. My flatmates will be here the whole time, which is great, but I still have this need to leave things tidy at home. I miss it already.

I'm also massively looking forward to seeing my sister, her partner and the babies. I've met the twins before, but this will be my first meeting with the youngest. I'm really looking forward to it!

I might even get a chance to blog while I'm over there - although sister of webweaver reckons the babies are a full-time occupation - I'll have to wait until they are all asleep maybe. Apparently they are having a heatwave, but never fear, it will probably all come to a screeching halt the moment I arrive, and I will remain the pastiest white chick in the whole country. Which is saying something.

Looking forward to 30+ hours of travelling. NOT. Talk soon!

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Southern Girl said...

Have a great trip! :)