Sunday, May 28, 2006

When Clay Aiken's hair stole the show


You know, I had thought that the, er, intensity of my Clay Aiken obsession had subsided somewhat. Well 5 months with barely a sighting's a long time in the ClayNation! We're used to instant gratification - and lots of it! (although, living in NZ, I have to say I have learned to be more patient than some...).

Clay AikenBut nooooooo - all my Teevy Boyfriend has to do is show up on American Idol (which I haven't watched, btw, since The Anomaly), sing for 1 minute and 50 seconds with a fanboiest fanboi I have ever seen (Michael, you were so sweet!), and BLAM! It's all back on again. I love him!

Clay's hair (IMHO) was the best Clayhair I have ever seen in the whole history of the world. Evah. God that boy is HOTHOTHOT.

Clay AikenSo Clay (and his hair) stole the show, and caused the entire ClayNation to fall off their chairs, and the rest of the nation's jaws to hit the floor - and they're still talking about it round the water coolers 2+ days later. Kewl!

So come on, Clay - give us news on the new album, already! We really don't want to wait any more!

You can see more ClayHair reaction in the blogosphere at:

As I write this, Clay is #1 in Technorati searches, so you may well find one or two more blogs mentioning Clay if you search there. Or 27,531 to be precise. Heh.

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idlefan4ca said...

Whoo Hoo! Clay's HOTHOTHOT! And you're now a famous blogger!!! Can you tell I'm excited for your both?

Pamela said...

New Zealand, eh? Trying to imagine myself & Clay in some of those cabin scenes between Holly Hunter & Harvey Keitel in THE PIANO ...... Clay could make up a few lyrics to the movie theme & sing them to me ...... mmmmmm...

Arquen_Mahtala said...

Love your blog and the sexy guy up there. Thanks for the link.

artemis23 said...

clay's new hair is sooooo hottttt, i love the reaction of michael, it was my fav moment in ai5, i've created a link to your post, thnx 4 this blog!!!

Anonymous said...

And what a night that was! It proved what we've all known from the beginning: Idol Found, Game Over!

BTW, I've taken the liberty of linking your blog on my own. .. if you'd rather not be there, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

I agree, after that Clay still is the one. Wow, he has such a powerful voice, and very unique voice. He was Hot. I love the fact that he didn't need any introduction, he just was. In 2 minutes time he managed to create a stir around the world, a good stir that is. Even our local tv stations said the highlight of the show was Clay. That was a moment that will go down in history.

Anonymous said...

I so agree, Idol found Game over.