Sunday, May 28, 2006

'Canes get lost in the fog

Hurricanes and Crusaders in the fog*sigh*

My lovely Hurricanes lost the final match of the Super 14 to the Crusaders in the most surreal game of rugby I've ever seen on TV.

It was so foggy down at Jade Stadium that when they kicked the ball high (which was often) it completely disappeared into the white murk. The SkySport team had to send one of their commentators across to the far side of the field, and then they split the commentating between them, because they literally couldn't see across the park. The spectators were reduced either to turning their backs on the field and watching the game on the big screen, or (if they were high up in the third tier of the stadium) going home to watch it on telly, because they were actually in the clouds. A great quote from some dude in the crowd: "It was the best game of rugby I've never seen".

My boys played manfully (when do they not?) but in the end it was all too much and they lost by a converted try. Bummer. I didn't think they'd beat the super-clinical Crusaders, although I reckon if they'd been able to play at the top of their game tonight they might have had a chance - but this was just too tough.

Ah well, there's always next year. Let's hope it doesn't take us another 11 years to get to the final again. Maybe they should play it in Wellington next time (whoever's in the final) - at least our famous windy conditions would pretty much guarantee NO FOG.

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