Monday, May 29, 2006

A blog post about my blog posts

How's this for travelling in circles?

This post is about the subjects I'm thinking of posting about. It's mainly a reminder for myself - so I may add to it over the next few days - but if you like the look of anything, leave a comment and I'll move your favourite to the top of my "to do" list.

Here goes:

  • Songs my iPod played me today (I'm thinking I might put this in the right-hand column of my template and update it regularly) - DONE

  • A review of Webstock - Wellington's first Web Standards conference. It was brilliant! DONE - Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

  • The best words I know - DONE

  • Being an immigrant - the story of how and why I left the UK and how I ended up in NZ - and what it's like to be a new New Zealander

  • On being shy an introvert - and faking the extrovert - Part One: DONE. Part Two: DONE

  • Group dynamics within online communities

  • My first day/week in my new job
What do you reckon?

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newlie said...

I love your topic ideas!

As a behavior scientist, I have to say I would be most interested in your musings on being shy/faking it, and group dynamics in on-line communities (on which I have done some research).

Oh - and congratulations on your new job! (If I'm understanding that right!)

btw - I especially loved your blog entry on Caring...

webweaver said...

awwww - thanks newlie! Maybe I'll do the one on being shy and faking the extrovert next - milling around with 400 other geeks at Webstock last week really got me thinking about it...

Glad you liked the caring blog too. That was really interesting to research and write.

MommaJudy said...

Webweaver, I love your blog. So much to think about. Fascinating subjects. And congrats on being so highly rated with Jemock!!

I'd love to hear about your first day/week on the job. Since it's your dream job at your dream company, I'd love to hear about your first experiences there.


Southern Girl said...

I'm looking forward to your best words post! I wonder if one's "best" words and "favorite" words would be different? I know I have this "thing" for the word "agog." I may have to work it into my next post at A Southern Girl's Guide to Almost Anything. *g*

Another favorite is one a friend from London taught me -- "gobsmacked." Somehow I think I won't have any trouble working those two words into any post about Clay. ;)

Shadylil said...

Thanks, Webweaver. I'll play with the background later today. First, I'm having lunch with some Meers. Somehow, our lunches seem to last for hours *g*

Shaan said...

U r provin me right more n more each day. Liked ur blog on caring stuff. And u know wat, there r so many ppl amongst us who have to fake extrovrtns, while in the inside, they'd like to remain introvrt. Lukin forward to posts frm u regardin this aspect (and the 'immigrancy' bit :D)

~ YSRN ~ said...

I have to choose? Well, I reckon if I'm forced to pick, the socio-cultural topics would be top of the list, esp. your thoughts on online community dynamics. And the immigrant story.

Thank you for the info about the disasters and lack of relief. It's an important reminder.

Congrats on your instant celebrity! Hee.