Monday, January 25, 2010

IE8 bugs in Windows 7 but not in Windows XP?

In the space of the last two days we've come across two completely different IE8 bugs (one in a Facebook app and the other on a new website) that occur in Windows 7 - but that are not happening in IE8 on a Windows XP machine.

Oh my lawd. Not only do we have to continue bug-fixing in IE6 and IE7 (when will that ever end?), but now we're seeing IE8 bugs that didn't exist in XP, but are showing up in the supposedly newer and better Windows 7. Microsoft really are deeply, deeply crap, aren't they?

I was able to fix the Facebook app bug (sight unseen because I don't have a Win7 machine) by applying the same bug fix to IE8 that I used on IE6 and IE7. In this instance it was a HasLayout issue, which is normally fixed with zoom:1 - and which I fixed with the old Holly Hack in Facebook cos Facebook returns errors for zoom.

Anyway, in this case a) the fix for IE6/7 worked for IE8 and b) it was the kind of fix that you can include for IE8 in Win7 that won't break IE8 where it's not needed in WinXP.

But what if I'd needed a fix for, say, the duplicate characters bug that requires a negative margin of -3px on the opposite margin to the direction of the float? If you include it in a compliant browser like FireFox it can break the layout in some situations, which is one reason why we put IE fixes in conditional stylesheets. But how do you include a conditional stylesheet for IE8 in Win7 without also including it for IE8 in WinXP? As far as I know that's not possible. I smell trouble!

The second instance of the Win7-bug occurred in a website we're building that has a bunch of jQuery in it for sliding images. At the moment I have absolutely no clue why it's happening, nor can I see it because it's not happening in WinXP. My first approach will be to see if I have any fixes already in place for IE6 or IE7, and add them to the conditional stylesheet for IE8. Maybe that'll work. I just hope it doesn't break IE8 in WinXP, assuming it works at all.

Has anyone else come across this IE8/Win7 issue?

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Jeff said...

I've seen issues with Safari and XP/Vista believe it or not. But usually it has something to do with Javascript..

webweaver said...


Well the second bug is in a jQuery-controlled part of the page, so I guess it could be a Javascript problem - although I was under the impression that jQuery is so good it doesn't normally have any cross-browser issues (at least I've never come across one before).

And as for the Facebook app, well who knows with Facebook? It's so convoluted anyway (and makes one's lovely clean code so completely invalid) that I suppose anything is possible...

Mansoor Ahmed said...

can u plzz show any screen-shots?

utunga said...

a sad, sad day for the internets but here's hoping its jquery/scripting related (at least)

id say that if you need to include a conditional for IE8 WinXP but not IE8 Win7.. well the fix is 'dont do that' .. heres hoping that it won't be a commmon problem.

Peter said...

Hello all,

I am trying to solve a problem with my webpage. It is working fine in IE6, IE7. firefox, etc.

But on win7 IE8. The page is showing error while loading jquery.js library. I have tried to install IE8 to my win xp.The javascript is working without problems in IE8 on win XP.

I really dont know what to do with it. IE8 crash dump is saying there is problem with some "wrong characters" at line 1 at the jquery.js file. But on that line are only comments ( /* comments */)

Anyone knows what to do with it?

the webpage where I have this problem is:

Please send a reply to

thanks in advance

freemason said...

I can confirm, we're having problems exactly like this. A jQuery slider widget works perfectly in IE8 for XP, but not for windows 7!! The slider's handle is missing. I have no idea where to even start debugging this at the moment. :(