Saturday, January 10, 2009

I have an otter for you

Time to get back into blogging, I think. How was your Christmas and New Year? Mine were nice, thanks for asking.

So... 2008. What a funny old year that was...

  • My old tenants moved on, got new tenants and completely fucked up my arm in the process of redecorating the flat ready for them. Couldn't work for a while. Couldn't do anything for a while. Not fun.

  • Missed 3 or 4 months of Batucada because of my arm and then because I was scared to go back cos I'd forgotten everything. Got persuaded back by a txt from Mike. Thanks, dude!

  • Finally earned my trousers sometime in November. Yaay! [Translation: earned my trousers means I got good enough at Batucada drumming to earn my uniform and be allowed to do performances with the band. Go me!]

  • Took Winnie back to the vet mid-year to check on her weird eye specks. Was enormously worried about what he would say. Went in there in tears, came out all smiles. Vet decided he didn't need to see her again for another year, and that he didn't need to remove her eye. Thank God.

  • Became entirely and utterly obsessed with the US election and with Barack Obama. He won!!! OMG what an awesome day that was! I still have a whole lot of txts on my phone from friends congratulating me on his win. Funny! Sue and I took the day off work to watch the results come in.

  • Lost my job. Oh yeah, did I tell you I got made redundant at the end of the year? Heh.

I've decided that 2009 is going to be much better. And in the spirit of new and positive beginnings, here's an otter for you. Just because.

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Carolina Clay said...


Thnx for the recap of your 2008, parts of which I celebrated right along with you. You might say you had a twin on the other side of the planet "entirely and utterly obsessed" with the US election and Barack Obama. *g*

As much as music (and being married to a percussionist into Scottish drumming) have been a part of my life, I had to google "Batacada." Congratulations on earning your trousers!

All the best with your job situation. Looking forward to reading blogs about your world again. Happy 2009!


webweaver said...

Thanks Caro!

Happy 2009 to you too! May it be awesome for all of us!