Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1 more hour of George W Bush...

...and then it's

President Barack Hussein Obama!

Sue and I have been up all night watching the coverage - and wishing we were there - and it's getting quite exciting now...

Back to the TV I think. More later!

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Carolina Clay said...


The torch has passed -- WOOHOO!!!


Ashes said...

Happy Valentine's from Canada!

Where have you been? I miss your great postings :)

webweaver said...

Hi Ashes!

Thanks for the Valentine's day greetings - I'll send them right back to you too!

I've been working my ass off as a contractor - every spare moment since the start of January has been taken up with building websites for various companies. Yaay!

So it's going well at present - but because you never know when the work is going to dry up I have to work like a maniac while there's a feast - so I'm covered for when there's a famine...

I've been having blog posts pop into my head though, so as soon as I've finished my current project (in a week or so) I'll be back online I hope.