Thursday, May 15, 2008

Edwards endorses Obama - at last!

I was an Edwards girl before I was an Obama girl, and since I switched to Obama once Edwards withdrew from the race - and knew a heck of a lot of other Edwards supporters who had done the same - I've been hoping for, like, ever, that John would endorse Barack... and today he did.

At last! Hooray!

I read a very interesting diary on DailyKos today that made the argument that the the timing of the announcement was perfect - and I have to say, it made a lot of sense to me.

TallJames said:

Endorsing before North Carolina would have been a waste because they knew they were going to crush there. Endorsing before West Virginia would make Hillary's predicted victory look even stronger (i.e. "Barack can't win even with Edwards' endorsement").

Endorse after W.V. and, in a single move, completely blunt the numerical, symbolic, psychological and media victory that Hillary could have proclaimed.

Oh yeah, and put on a powerful piece of political theater that viscerally and visually demonstrated what a united Democratic party looks like on prime time TV.

I like the way you think, dude!

I also LOVED the way Edwards spoke in his endorsement speech with Obama today. My God! What a speech! Fantastic!

My dream ticket has been Obama:Edwards for quite a while now, and I could SO see this speech as a VP nominee's opening statement.


I'm sure it won't happen, and there are plenty of other great possibilities for VP (just not Hillary though, PLEASE!), but still, a girl can dream, can't she?

Part One of Edwards' speech

Part Two of Edwards' speech

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Anonymous said...

We share the constant pain thing and the "I was for Edwards before I backed anyone else" attitue. Except in my case, I was for Biden first, then Edwards, and finally Hillary. Why you may ask? It's not because she's my state senator (and has done a wonderful job at it). It's not because she is seen here as a Republican-slayer, having done in one of the most popular senate Republicans in years, Al D'Amato. No, it's because experience really is something you can't get from 15-second sound bites or running virtually unopposed campaigns. You need years and real opposition. None of which Mr. Obama has in any abundance.

webweaver said...

Hi anonymous, thanks for your comments.

Personally I think that good judgement (which I think Obama has demonstrated in large amounts, and Clinton has not) is a lot more important than experience.

I'm curious - do you still feel the same way about Hillary today as you did when you wrote the comment - in light of her unfortunate RFK comments yesterday?