Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Presidential nominee video death match

This year, more than ever before, YouTube is taking a front-and-centre role in the Presidential primaries. Some candidates are using it far more effectively than others - Barack Obama, for example, includes high-quality versions of all his speeches on his YouTube channel, and his A More Perfect Union speech has been viewed more than 4 million times - but they're all using the medium in one way or another.

Compare the YouTube channels for Barack Obama (863 videos, 42,875 subscribers), Hillary Clinton (321 videos, 12,431 subscribers), and John McCain (185 videos, 4,018 subscribers).

What I find particularly interesting is how each of the three remaining candidates' supporters are using YouTube to put forward their own promotional messages for their favoured candidate. We've all seen the Obama videos by, which went viral within a matter of days, and which inspired the very funny parody for John McCain, - so I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the other stuff out there.

I bring you... the Presidential nominee video death match!!

Which video, in your opinion, kicks the ass of all the rest?

First up is Barack Obama. It was difficult to pick just a couple for him because he's inspired more music videos than all the other candidates put together, so I chose two that, to me anyway, are new - I hadn't seen either of them until today. Here's Obama Everywhere by Earl Pickens & The Band Named Thunder, based on the Geoff Mack song I've Been Everywhere:

...and The Rockabelles with We Got The Mo:

And from the sublime to the ridiculous - here are the McCain Girls with their two spectacular hits Raining McCain and Here Comes McCain Again. If you can watch either of these two videos all the way through without running screaming from the room, you're a better person than I!

They've also got a message for anyone who didn't appreciate their video genius:

OooooOOOOOoooo! How unladylike!

OK... pause while I go looking on YouTube for pro-Hillary music videos...

Ah! Here's one! Taryn Southern and Hott 4 Hill:

...hmmmm. In the blurb it describes itself as "a music video parody", and to be fair I need one that's been made by Hillary supporters in all seriousness... so hold on a sec..

Here we go - this one has a decent number of views - The Hillary Clinton Song, aka We Need A Woman by Dulce Maria Gonzalez:

So what do you reckon? Do The Rockabelles look like they can out-rock Dulce Maria Gonzalez? If Taryn Southern went head-to-head with Earl Pickens & The Band Named Thunder, who would come out on top? And do the McCain Girls kick the asses of everyone else in the room, simply by being so thoroughly awful?

I'll leave it up to you to decide - and feel free to send me suggestions of videos I haven't included here...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, chickie!

Love your dueling YouTubes. Very funny. I'm helping team teach a course on the presidential election next fall, so you've given me some good material.


I've been thinking of you lately - rewatching Lord of the Rings and stunned yet again by the beauty of New Zealand. There's a poster at one of the Clay boards who's been creating versions of his new CD cover (you do know about the new CD, right?) and has just posted some of New Zealand. She said: "Wow - New Zealand is gorgeous." No kidding.

Here's the original cover and some of her creative adaptations.


New Zealand Versions


webweaver said...

Hi Artquest!

How lovely to hear from you! Glad you liked the videos!

Thanks heaps for the Clay pics - wouldn't it be awesome if he really was "on his way here" :)

Yes I do know about the CD - I realised (eventually) when I saw the new pics of him and spotted the countdown clock on my way to visit the political thread...