Saturday, March 01, 2008

My blog's more popular than John Key's blog...

This cracked me up.

The other day over at Tumeke! they posted the nz blogosphere rankings: January 2008. I've visited Tumeke! before, but didn't know they were doing the rankings - I found them by following a link off my SiteMeter stats.

So of course, as you do, you do a bit of ego-scrolling to find where you are in the NZ rankings.

First comes Kiwiblog (#1) (sigh) followed by Public Address (#2) (yaay!) and frogblog (#3) (yaay!). Then there are a bunch of others including a couple of my favourites like No Right Turn (#6), and Just Left (#15).

Scroll down a bit further and you come to WebWeaver's World (that's me!) at #31 (up from #40 - gawd, it's like when I was watching my favourite single run up the charts when I was a kid!)... and right behind my blog, at #32, is none other than John Key's blog.

*Sniffle snort choke gasp*

I find it absolutely hysterical (and rather amazing) that (in the month of January at least) more people were interested in reading what I ramble on about, than were interested in what the Leader of the Opposition had to say. And I didn't even write much in January - a grand total of 5 posts in fact.

Also not-as-popular as me were The Fundy Post (#33), the Maori Party (#50), the execrable dad4justice (#51), United Future (#56), Bill English (#68), ACT on Campus (#75), and Alliance New Zealand (unrated). Plus a whole lot more.

In case any of you are now certain (as if you weren't already) that I am nothing more than a great big giant ego, let me reassure you that I write this with my tongue firmly in my cheek - while at the same time being quietly amazed (OK, perhaps not so quietly!) that my little old blog is doing so well. It's a million miles away from the number of visitors who spend time at the most popular New Zealand blogs, but still... it makes me happy!

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