Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary in Tuzla - why has she told such a big fat lie?

I find it truly amazing that Hillary would exaggerate her experience in Tuzla to such an extent that she's now turned the story into a big fat lie. Really - why would you do that? Why would you lie about something where the real facts are so easily checked, and where it's so simple to prove that you're lying?

Is her sense of entitlement so strong these days that she thinks she can just tell bare-faced lies and get away with it? It's what the Republicans have been doing for years, after all... Or is she getting desperate as one super-delegate after another announces they are going with Obama? Was she so caught up in the "experience" meme that she didn't even realise that her exagerrations had gotten quite out of hand? Is she so intent on winning this particular "competition" with Obama because she knows, deep down, that she has nothing else with which to better him?

Whatever the reason, I find it very strange. I think she may be losing the plot...

The Baltimore Sun calls it a "whopper."

"Four Pinocchios!" says the Washington Post.

"Requires enormous suspension of disbelief" raves the Huffington Post.

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