Friday, February 22, 2008

I have a crush on Barack Obama

Obama in Texas
Okay, I admit it... I have a crush on Barack Obama.

Is that so wrong?

The second part of Barack Obama's speech in Houston, Texas after winning the Wisconsin Democratic Primary.

Comparison of the bills that Obama and Clinton have authored and introduced into Congress

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NoorIntan said...

LOL! Gotta smile just to see the title... Nah, it's not so wrong at all :D

webweaver said...

Heh. Thanks Nooritan!

I think I just need to embrace the crush and go with it ;)

YSRN said...

Why not? My subconscious did. I had quite the entertaining dream about him the other night. Heh!

He is most crush-worthy! Nice hat too! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm Canadian and I have a HUGE crush on Barack. I too had a lovely dream about him last night. Nothing nasty. But he was just so nice! lol