Thursday, September 06, 2007

Go home Bush, you are not welcome here

When a city goes into TOTAL lockdown mode, like is happening in Sydney this week, you'd think that someone might just get the idea that they are really not welcome there...

The Opera House - Fortress Sydney.

Fortress Sydney - The Opera House

When the government is so afraid that the people will dare to indulge in legitimate protest, that they enclose the entire CBD in an iron cage, you might wonder if that government has lost touch with the people they are supposed to represent...

Deserted and fenced-in streets of Sydney.
Deserted and fenced-in streets of Sydney

When a majority of Australians think you're the Worst US President Ever - and a majority of them also have no intention of ever voting again for your best buddy John Howard - mightn't you get the hint that you're both heading down the wrong path...

Disarm America.
Disarm America

Stop Bush.
Stop Bush

Wanted for war crimes

Wishful thinking - Howard and Bush behind bars.
Howard and Bush behind bars

This is where you both deserve to be, you warmongering bastards. Now fuck off home Georgie, and take your ridiculous entourage with you. We don't want you polluting our part of this beautiful planet. You are not welcome here.

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meeyauw said...

Bravo (brava?)
That Disarm America is something I never thought of. I wonder if it's possible because it has to be done.

Johnny-johnny said...

Political cartoonists are some of my favorite people in the world and I though Tom Scott did hilariously well on this topic:

meeyauw said...

Like WebWeaver's "behind bars" caption. Thank you for sharing.