Friday, June 08, 2007

Put Paris back in jail!

I'm too tired to write too much tonight - it's been a MEGA week at work - but I just wanted to say one thing today...

Please put Paris Hilton back in jail! At least she was doing somethng useful in there (like stamping licence plates), which is more than can be said for the rest of her sorry, selfish life.

My god. Talk about a completely fucked-up justice system! So children, what have we learned today? Well - it seems that if you're RICH and WHITE you can do whatever the hell you like, and even if they decide to put you in the slammer for breaking the law, you'll be out in three days anyway - "because they're afraid you might have a nervous breakdown".

Give me a break.

Um hello? JAIL ISN'T MEANT TO BE FUN! How come everyone else just has to deal with it and she doesn't?

How come stupid dumb rich white slutty heiresses get off with home detention when they should be in jail, (and they only get sentenced to 24 days in the first place), whereas young black football players like Genarlow Wilson get sentenced to 10 YEARS in jail for receiving a blow job at the age of 17 from a 15 year old (white) girl who, everyone agreed, including the prosecutor and the girl herself, initiated the act...?

And don't get me started on the travesty that is Abu Gonzales, The White House and the "Justice" Department.... The New York Times, by the way, reckons it's subpoena time...

And speaking of justice (or injustice, depending on how you look at it) - anyone taking bets on a) whether they'll let Scooter Libby stay home while his appeal goes through and b) how long it takes Bush to grant him a pardon?

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Anonymous said...

Hee! I haven't been here in awhile. I sure missed your posts, and now I remember why!

Way to tell it like it is!



webweaver said...

Heh. Nice to see you lovely!

So - do you reckon I should just stop sitting on the fence and tell you how I really feel?

Anonymous said...

I do hope you'll break out of your shell one day! Really. Come on and express yourself already!