Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Window in the Skies - U2

Okay so yes I must have been hiding under a rock or something to have missed this - but anyway... my friend PJ pointed me in the direction of this video today - U2's Window in the Skies. It's lovely. What a great tribute to so many awesome artists. I love the crowd shots too - they're so - joyous! What a nice way to start a new month...

And a second version:

Described thus: "This second video offers a dizzying kaleidoscope of imagery from the story of U2 themselves - everything from family photos to iconic album sleeves. Pretty cool!"


LoreNZo said...

Wow - yet another instant U2 classic! I wonder how much they paid to be able to use all those snippets? Nicely lip-synched, too.

Love your site, & thanx heaps for linking to my blog, WebWeaver! Now I just need to do some updates - lol