Sunday, May 13, 2007

What would Google say - about global warming?

Found this at frogblog - I think it's pretty cool.

What do you get if you:

  1. Do a Google image search on "global warming"

  2. Grab the first 200 images that come up

  3. Upload all the images into Adobe Premier

  4. Set them to a funky soundtrack (in this case it's Rob Dougan's "Clubbed to Death" from the Matrix soundtrack)

  5. Put it on YouTube and write a blog about it

You get this:

Pretty cool! (or warm...)

The author of this video (and blog) is planning to do a whole series on WWGS - the next one's on the search term "Darfur", and they're inviting people to make their own videos too. Check it out!

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jamal said...

nice, i like this idea

artquest1 said...

Hey, chickie,

Since I no longer have your e-mail, this looks like the best way to get in touch. Daughter bought a Wii. Four minutes into the game I smacked her with what I thought was a killer forehand tennis swing. Your blog is too, too true.

Our favorite singer has been hanging out in a karaike bar with the New Zealand troops in Afghanistan. Thought you'd be tickled to know.


webweaver said...

Hey gorgeous! Hey! artquest! Hello!

How come you don't have my email address? It's the same one I've alwesy had... I'll PM you at the CH and give it to you again. I'd love to hear all your news!

That's cool about our Teevy boyfriend. He has good taste in people to hang out with...

Heh. Hope your darling girl is OK after the Wii incident!

Kevin said...

Hey there,

I'm glad you enjoyed this. I have done another one, this one using the search term "darfur"