Thursday, May 31, 2007

I missed my (blog's) birthday!

I was going to do a rant about "Bishop" Brian and his ridiculous and racist demands that NZ declare itself a "Christian nation" but I simply can't be arsed. He's such an idiot I really can't be bothered wasting my time on writing about him.

But HEY! I just realised I MISSED MY BLOG'S FIRST BIRTHDAY! It was on Sunday when I was busily meta-blogging screeds and screeds on how to restyle widgets.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear blo-og,
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

We should have a cake or something! I'll go find a pic off the internets... hang on...

OK got one! That's better...

So... a year of blogging eh?

Here's some stats for ya:

  • Number of blog posts: 177

  • Number of comments: 360

  • Current Technorati Ranking: 90,756 (78 links from 53 blogs)

  • Highest Technorati Ranking: somewhere in the 50,000s a few months ago (that must have been before everyone and their dog got themselves a blog... at least I started before the dogs got in on the act!)

  • Total visits: 47,839

  • Total page views: 63,636

  • Current average number of visits per day: 99 (has been higher!)

  • Current average number of visits per day: 134 (has been higher!)

  • Current average visit length: 1 minute 58 seconds

  • Percentage of new visitors: 79.46%

  • Search engine referrals: 63.18%

  • Other site referrals: 26.50%

  • Direct (that's people who know my URL!): 10.27%

  • Biggest month: November 2006 (29 posts)

  • Laziest months: August and October 2006 (7 posts apiece)

  • Most used tag/label in my label cloud: My life (67 blog posts)

  • Least used tag/label in my label cloud: Gardening (4 blog posts)

  • Most popular blogging subject (in terms of numbers of visits and amount of feedback I get): Clay Aiken, without a doubt - followed by the slow burner that is web geekery, and in particular, Blogger hackery

  • Least popular blogging subject (because I write a lot about it and it almost always gets universally ignored): American politics

  • Most visited page of all time: First Wii Fatality - watching our video go viral (15,000 visitors in 48 hours thanks to a one-word link from The Inquirer - and I'm still getting referrals even now!)

  • Most comments of all time: 26 comments on Is Clay gay or straight? It's none of your business!

  • Current most popular post (and has been for some time): Roger Waters - Dark Side of the Moon Live - Auckland 2007

  • Most underrated blog post (IMO): The death of habeas corpus - and the best way to boil a frog

...and my favourite stat of all: number of countries my visitors come from (since I got Google Analytics a couple of months ago): 110

- and here's the list, in order of popularity:

United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Hungary, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, India, Netherlands, South Korea, Belgium, Sweden, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Philippines, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Norway, Switzerland, Romania, Colombia, Denmark, Indonesia, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Turkey, South Africa, Finland, Israel, Hong Kong, China, Slovenia, Japan, Greece, Thailand, Uruguay, Ukraine, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Brunei, Latvia, Estonia, Iran, Croatia, Russia, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Vietnam, Lithuania, Barbados, Liechtenstein, Trinidad and Tobago, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Serbia And Montenegro, Macedonia, Bolivia, Malta, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Puerto Rico, Vanuatu, Pakistan, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Jordan, Nepal, Kenya, Nicaragua, Congo (Kinshasa), Georgia, Panama, Cyprus, Botswana, Antigua and Barbuda, Moldova, Nigeria, Maldives, Grenada, Guam, Algeria, Guatemala, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco, Lebanon, Bhutan, Iceland, Jamaica, Mauritius, New Caledonia, Cuba, Dominican Republic.


I love my blog.

Happy birthday, blog! May we share many more!

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missdeuxmont said...

heartless Ali - you are so heartless. Poor Bloggy.

webweaver said...

tee hee

hey - at least I remembered eventually - that must count for something, surely???

PJ said...

That cake looks nice... wonder if it's got chocolate in it... happy b'day webweaver's world!

Carolina Clay said...


Happy Birthday to your blog!

I love your celebration of statistics and recognize where my visits appear -- some in your most and least popular topics, for example.

Have a great week!


phydeaux3 said...

Happy b-day to your blog.
I woulda said so sooner, but I'm fighting off a bad infestation of LOLCATS.


webweaver said...

@PJ - yumyum yes! It does have (virtual) chocolate in it. Brilliant what you can find online these days...

webweaver said...

@Carolina Clay - thanx heaps for the birthday wishes for the blog!

heh. I should have known you'd be around for the most popular subject (!), but I'm very pleased to hear you're here for the *whispers* least popular one too! I have it on good authority that artquest frequents both types too! Hooray for you!

webweaver said...

@phydeaux3 - OMG like, I'm ROTFLMAO right now.

U iz 2 funny!

thx heaps for the birthday wishes - hope you can get rid of that nasty infestation real soon. I hear some serious web geekery or policy wonking can clear it up real fast!