Friday, May 18, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - the last sentence

Continuing with the Harry Potter theme... let's see how the last sentence (or two or three) might pan out... :)

We know the last word of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is "scar" (probably!) so how about:

"Hurry up Harry, finish your toast or you'll be late for your first day as Minister for Magic," scolded Ginny playfully, as she kissed him lovingly on the top of his forehead, brushing her lips across his scar."

"Harry!!!" screamed Luna, "Quick! Over here before Voldemort comes back! I can see a way out!" Harry grabbed his wand and raced across the cave towards her, but he was only halfway across the stone-covered floor when he felt a sharp pain sear through his brain. The last thing Harry ever saw was an intense flash of green light, and the last thing he ever felt was blazing green fire pulsing across his scar.

"Oh crikey Hermione! Don't die now! We've just beaten Voldemort in the final apocalyptic battle - and I love you!!" cried Ron. But it was to no avail. Hermione, mortally wounded, expired in his arms. "Bummer!" thought Harry, "at least the worst I have to show for my battles with Voldemort is this stupid scar."

As Voldemort kicked aside the pile of ashes that was all that remained of Harry Potter, he felt a strange prickling sensation on his forehead. He reached up with a clawlike hand and felt something that he'd never felt before - the raised edges of a lightning-shaped scar.

"Come here Potter!" hissed Snape venomously. "You're mine now - and this time you won't get away. I have your wand, and all your silly little friends are dead. They can't help you now!" And with evil in his eye, Snape aimed his wand directly at the centre of Harry's scar.

"Blimey, Neville," said Harry. "I can't believe it! Not only did you kill Voldemort and 113 Death Eaters single-handed - and brought Sirius back to life - but you also scored the wonderous Ginny in the process! I thought I was supposed to do all that!" "Oh Harry you idiot" sighed Neville. "Don't you understand we had to convince everyone that you were The One, leaving the way clear for me to fulfil the prophesy? That's why we marked you as a baby with that totally fake scar!"

Heh. Go on - you do one!

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PJ said...

Like the start of your first option, webweaver - an unintended homage to Sham 69?

Anyway, may I be the first to offer my suggested ending:

"Gosh Hagrid, he's beautiful," said Harry, careful not to let the baby dragon's stuttering breaths burn his hands. "But what are you going to call him?" "Oh that were easy," smiled Hagrid, pointing at Harry's forehead, which still bore a faint trace of the evening's dramas. "I called him after you of course... his name is Scar."

webweaver said...

Nice one PJ! I like the way you think... especially the inclusion of a baby dragon!

"Hurry up Harry, come on!
We're going down the pub (ner ner ner ner)"

I'm not sure if it was unintended or not actually...

Did you spot the entirely deliberate homage to XTC in the title of the previous HP post, though?

Nick G said...

It isn't about anyone killing Harry or anyone else. Rowling has said that the last chapter is summarizing what happens to the people who survive. I think Harry will move in at the Burrow, and his scar will be gone because it was part of Voldemort and when he dies the scar will disapear.