Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blogger beta - your blog's Technorati ranking

My blog's Technorati ranking. Here's another neat little widget from PurpleMoggy - a way to display your Technorati ranking on your blog. Technorati has had a Link Count Widget for a while now - which you add to your template to display the number of links to each of your posts.

Technorati didn't have a widget to display your ranking, though, so Purple came up with his own. You can see it in my sidebar.

I'm currently around 118,000 - which seeing as Technorati claims there are 71 million blogs out there - is pretty darned good! Surely there can't be that many blogs... can there? And surely Technorati isn't ranking all 71 million - are they? It's not the highest ranking I've ever had - a few months ago I was up to 50,000-ish - but I guess I've been overtaken over the past few months! Must.try.harder. Heh!

Anyway, if you'd like to proclaim your Technorati ranking on your blog for all to see, here it is - Display Your Technorati Rank.

Thanks Purple! I love it!

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