Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Problems with Site Meter not working

Screenshot showing broken Site Meter stats on my blog. Since March 8 I have had no stats at all from Site Meter. Initially when I logged in, it read "The statistics from the last 1720 minutes are not available". So I waited, and waited, and checked again and again - and after a while it stopped showing that message, and instead just showed my summary page with no visitors at all that day (see screenshot). And it's been like that ever since.

What's worse is that every single one of my Site Meter pages now contains no data - even historical data from before it all went pear-shaped has disappeared!

At first I thought it might have been caused by me adding Google Analytics to my blog, which I did around the same time I lost data from Site Meter. Well, I reckon you can never have too many site stats, eh? Now I'm not so sure - because having Googled around a bit I see I'm not the only one having problems.

I pay for my Site Meter service, because I'm inordinately interested in my visitor stats and I figure it's worth the small amount I pay per year to see what people are searching on, and where they come from, where they go to - all that good stuff. As a paying customer I'd expect at least an acknowledgement of the two emails I have sent so far to Site Meter. But I haven't heard a thing. Not great service, guys!

But OK - let's say that every blogger on the planet uses Site Meter (and I know many of us do), and let's say 10% of them are having problems at the moment, and let's say that 10% of them email Site Meter about it - so maybe the guys are a bit snowed under at the moment. Understandable - and forgivable - but then why can't the Site Meter team at least update their blog a bit more regularly? Keep us in the loop that way?

I'm on server s25 at Site Meter (I know that because it's the first bit of my username), and there is a mention of s25 on the blog from a few days ago, describing a "lag" which should have been fixed by the end of the weekend. Problem is, I don't hink the complete loss of data I've experienced on Site Meter really counts as a "lag". Here's a screenshot of what every one of my pages look like right now...

My Site Meter visits graph. Ah! Interesting! I just went over to Site Meter to get a screenshot of all my blank pages and the missing data has miraculously returned! Woohoo! Up until March 8, that is. There's still absolutely nothing from March 8 until now. Maybe it is just a "lag" - a HUUUUUUUGE lag - but a lag nonetheless.

We shall see. I love Site Meter! I miss my stats! I don't love not hearing from them, though.

Is anyone else having problems with Site Meter? What server are you on?

UPDATE 3.25PM: Yaay! The Site Meter crew have put an update on their blog! They say that not all the stats categories have updated since March 3rd, and that they're looking into it. They also say that s25 is still lagging heavily so they're fixing that too. Brilliant! That's all we ask - just keep us up-to-date with what's happening and we'll be happy. Thanks guys!

UPDATE 15/03/07: Hooray! I'm all caught up on Site Meter - and my visitor stats have hit the 40,000 mark! Woohoo! Thanks Site Meter guys for all your hard work in getting the server working properly again. It's much appreciated.

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Vincent Chow said...

I have the same problem too. Wondering how long will they take to get things fixed. Sigh.

webweaver said...

Hi Vincent

Glad to see I'm not alone! And you're on s25 as well I see.

My stats are now s-l-o-w-l-y coming back - they are up to March 10 now - so it really has been one hell of a lag.

I wonder if it's just s25, or if other servers have been affected too?

Southern Girl said...

Another s25 person here. I don't pay for my sitemeter, so when I got tired of waiting for my stats to start up again, I just signed up for a brand new sitemeter and started all over again. Yeah, that means I lost my stats, except I at least know where my counter stopped counting, but I'm more glad to have things moving again.

webweaver said...

Shriek! *staggers backwards clutching at chest, staring wildly at Southern Girl*

Wow. That is so Zen of you!

I couldn't do that! I'm having far too much fun watching my visitor numbers inch closer and closer to the 40,000 mark (yeah I know - I need to get out more...)

So I am perfecting the fine art of patience instead - and waiting for my stats to catch up with me...

I'm hugely impressed that you were able to just.let.it.go like that :)

Anonymous said...

It's now Feb 2012 and sitemeter is NOT working!!! I changed my IPs via proxy and surfed my website twice (two different IPs/proxies) and sitemeter does NOT record anything at all!!!) It's been over 1 week that sitemeter does not record any new visitors whatsoever for my website! :-/
I think i'm going to cancel my account and sign up with the other software that my website provides free of charge. How is your sitemeter working these days?

webweaver said...

Hi Anonymous

My SiteMeter is working fine, both on this blog and on The Gathering Archives - and I'm still getting weekly email reports as well as being able to access the Sitemeter stats.

Have you tried contacting them via their blog? They're pretty helpful if you get in touch with them...