Friday, March 30, 2007

Otters holding hands

Once in a while you come across something on YouTube that's so unbelievably CUTE, you just have to add it to your blog - in just the same way as hundreds, nay thousands of bloggers are also doing as we speak. I'm sorry! I just had to do it!

Vancouver Aquarium: two sea otters float around, napping, holding hands. Thanks a mill to MissD for linking to this at work today. Bet you can't get through it without melting into a puddle of AWWWWWW - and make sure you watch it to the end - because you don't want to miss the best (and sweetest) bit:

I'm with MissD - can I have two sea otters too please? And is this a form of muskrat love?

UPDATE 07/04/07: They featured this video on the news last night - it was the "cute bit of news so we finish on an upbeat note". How cool is that?

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Anonymous said...

Cute story about otters....but..for some reason today I was thinking back and remembered someone I used to talk to for hours and hours at a time on MSN back in about 96 & I did a search, because I happened to remember that persons names....and wow you've been busy :) I can't find an email link on this page, so I'll just drop ya a comment...and hope you see it.

Anonymous said...

Ah well I see comments must be read and approved by you first, so this will work....about 10 years ago now we used to spend tons of time talking on the MSN network chat rooms and all of names Anthony if that helps ring a bell...cant seem to remember what screenname I used back then although I have some guesses....I also called you a few times all the way from Chicago, IL in the US...effectively killing my phonebill....:P Wonder if any of this rings a bell.

webweaver said...

Are you really really sure it's me, Anthony? because I don't remember MSNing anyone ever, really...

I have had a bunch of long-distance friends from the US over the years, but we mainly emailed each other, and I'm pretty sure I've never been much of a chatroom person - unless I've completely lost my mind and simply don't remember. And I'm pretty sure that's not the case :)

What did we used to talk about? How did we meet? In a chatroom? You can reply via these comments if you like - as you realised, I can choose to publish or not publish them, so feel free to send me another with a bit more info and I'll see if I can get my memory to jog. And I won't publish it if you'd rather I didn't.

webweaver said...

Oh hold on - I've figured it out. I just took a look at my SiteMeter stats and found the search words you came in on. Her initials are MP, yes?

She's a friend of mine, but she isn't me. The reason why you got a hit on her name at my blog is because I've used some of her photos on my blog, and I credited her.

So there you go. She and I know each other (although we lost touch a while ago and I don't know how to get hold of her these days), but we're not the same person.

Hope you do find her though, it sounds like you two had quite a connection going there.


Anonymous said...

Well that explains it then :) Sorry for the confusion, we were just friends, but we did have great conversation, its always nice to catch up especially after 10 years or so, thanks for the information.