Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hooray! Things to be happy about today :)

There are heaps of things for me to feel happy about today:

Marsden B
Greenpeace activists taking part in the global day of action on climate change outside the proposed coal burning power station Marsden B at Ruakaka, Northland. First and foremost the plan to recommission Marsden B has been scrapped! Hooray! Woohoo!! Yaaay! A victory for every greenie in the country, and a victory for commonsense.

Here's the Green party press release: Mighty River Power sees the light - at last. And here's Greenpeace's take on it: VICTORY! Marsden B is no more - with some suggestions for futher action over the coming months.

I celebrated by switching power companies. I used to be with Genesis, but I will soon be a proud user of Meridian Energy's electricity - New Zealand's only certified carbon neutral electricity generator. Why don't you make the switch too? Just think how much less CO2 we'd produce if enough of us made the switch to clean energy! Check out the Clean Energy Guide to find out more about your power company - and how to make the change.

Scooter Libby
Scooter Libby outside the courtroom. So ol' Scooter went 4 for 5 in the old "guilty" verdicts yesterday. Hooray for a sensible jury who listened to the arguments and then took a massive 10 days to make up their minds. Wonder how he feels, knowing that he's the fall guy for some pretty high-up people in the Bush administration (I'm looking at you, Dick and Karl!).

Here's some background on Lewis "Scooter" Libby by Wikipedia - and here is the most fascinating account of the trial by Denis Collins, Juror #9: Inside the Jury Room. It's brilliant.

(My Teevy boyfriend) Clay Aiken
Yummy Clay. I was over at Technorati today, checking out what everyones' searching on, and to my complete amazement, there was Clay at #3 in the most popular searches! Apparently he's been there for a couple of days at least. Interesting!

As I haven't been around the CH very much recently I had to race over to Clay Blogs to see what was happening - and what massive piece of ClayNews I had missed. I'm not quite sure, but I think it's that there might possibly be some news about his upcoming summer tour at some point. Soon. Maybe.

Apparently so far we know of two concerts - July 20 at Chautauqua Institution, NY (tickets go on sale April 2nd) and August 2 at Embarcadero Marina Park South, San Diego, CA (tickets go on sale April 2nd).

Ahhhh - the power of the ClayNation. Two measly tour dates announced and Clay shoots into the top #3 at Technorati. I love it! Looks like there might be another trip to the US on my horizon...

The person I like
I seem to be getting on extra-well with the person I rather like. Which is very nice indeed. I have no idea if anything will ever happen - I may be in the grip of a massively unrequited crush, or it just might be taking them a while to realise the wonderfulness that is me. Whichever it is, our developing friendship is making me very happy. Yaay!

Canoeing down the Whanganui River
A bunch of us from Shift (me and four of the boyz) just spent three days canoeing down the Whanganui River. It.was.bloody.wonderful. Watch out for my blog post (complete with Ross's pics and crazy video) coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

Stupid blog by stupid blogger.
You won't gay fans for Clay Aiken by involving your political views.

webweaver said...

If it's so stupid, why did you read it? And why did you bother to send me a comment? (not that your comment makes any sense, btw).

It's my blog, I can write anything I like on it. I happen to be interested in a whole lot of things, including (but not limited to) Clay, politics, and environmentalism.

I was happy yesterday, so I decided to write about a bunch of things that made me happy. No agenda.

What makes you happy? Posting stupid comments to people's blogs apparently.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Maybe next time you'll have the guts to identify yourself. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Hee. The wonderfulness that is you deserves to be happy, so I'm glad you are. Unrequited crush or no. Yay.

Oh, look, a wee idiot commented too.

Your Teevy boyfriend is very cute. And I hear he sings kinda purdy too!

webweaver said...

Hello YSRN!

How lovely to hear from you! How's life? Good I hope.

Awww thanks for the kind comments about "the wonderfulness that is me"! Now if only the crush would realise that... But even if that doesn't happen it's still a lovely friendship and that makes me very happy.

And yes - I did hear that my Teevy boyfriend sings rather well - I really must listen to him sometime. Heh.

Nick said...

Check out this spoof of the TV ad by coal hungry SOE Genesis Energy

webweaver said...

Hi Nick!

Thanks heaps for the link to the Pukeko ad - brilliantly done.

You wouldn't happen to be the nice Nick from Greenpeace who emails me stuff sometimes, would you? I bet you are...

Keep up the great work, dude!

Nick said...

Yes guilty as charged (-;

I've been busy swimming around the blogsphere today.

BTW have you considered grabbing our rss feed for your site?