Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yaay for the working bee!

We've been vaguely talking about having working bees at each other's houses (or rather, in each other's gardens) for a while now, and Lou and Jason (being the efficient and organised people that they are) decided to actually get one happening today.

Quite a few of us turned up at L&J's this morning (plus Jason's mum and dad), and we got so much done! It was heaps of fun - it's nice working on a project with a whole bunch of your friends. Lou project-managed and made us all a fabulous lunch, and we all got stuck in and did whichever part of the garden project appealed to us.

I was feeling in quite a "listening" frame of mind, and I really enjoyed quietly sitting in my corner of the garden, clearing weeds, and listening to everyone chatting away while they worked. Found a very cool stick insect on my hat, really hurt my back - it's agony now - I can't find any sitting position that's remotely comfortable - and had a lovely time! Here are all the pictures...

Click on a pic for the larger version.

Briget hiding in the bushes at the start of the day

Jason and the pile of bricks - start of the day

Lou - ready for anything!

Half-finished path, first thing this morning

Jason & John putting in the posts for the raised bed

Checking the levels

Kurt laying the path

Bruce fixing the fence

Steve & Gabby doing a bit of weeding

Finishing off the first level of planks on the raised bed

Kurt with his completed pathway

Kurt "practising" with Otis

Bronja, Gabby, Otis and Steve

My stick insect!

Finishing off the second level of the raised bed

The completed raised bed

Laying bricks and sand around the raised bed

Jason smoothing out the sand

Hmmm - Briget's either tired, thirsty, or she just ate a bee...

Jason & Bruce finishing off the bricks

Kurt - he-man!

Lou taking a break

My completed corner of the garden - look - no weeds!

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