Sunday, December 03, 2006

Playing YouTube at parties

We accidentally discovered a new party pastime today. It requires nothing but a laptop (with broadband connection to the internets, of course) and a group of friends with knowledge of YouTube. Not a difficult set of criteria to achieve, really.

We were at Kurt and Briget's house today, for a barbecue on their deck. Incredibly enough, today decided to be the first day of summer, and the weather was absolutely sublime. Not a cloud in the intensely blue sky, with a beautiful sparkly sun and barely a breath of wind (well maybe a very slight breeze, but that's nothing compared with what we've been used to recently), singing birds, sizzling barbecue (Kurt did a great job of being "dad") and great conversation on a wide veraiety of topics with people I've known and loved for years. It was a perfect day.

After the sun disappeared behind the trees we went inside and continued with the party. Someone wanted to look something up online, so Kurt brought his laptop into the living room. Very soon people were going "oh - have you seen this on YouTube? It's absolutely brilliant/hysterical/fascinating/bizarre" and suddenly we were all sharing our favourite videos, while at the same time carrying on with our usual sociological/political/state-of-the-world discussions. Very nice!

This is the one I shared. It's called Panda Sneeze and it makes me giggle hysterically every time I see it:

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