Sunday, November 19, 2006

Changing my template

I've finally gotten around to updating my template to the new Blogger beta. Yaaay! Go me!

I didn't do it earlier because Peti told me she lost all her customisations when she switched a few weeks ago, and I didn't want to lose mine. Today, however I finally bit the bullet because I really really wanted to have labels on my blog posts, so that you can sort my blog by subject (because I write on such a wide range of different topics).

This of course means that I lose all my hacks and customisations, so I'm spending this afternoon fixing it all up again, back the way it was before.

While I'm working on it you will probably find some rather strange things happening to the layout, and (certainly right now) you will find some of the links a little hard to read fixed. There's also a bunch of stuff in the sidebar that's missing at the moment now in place. Please bear with me! It'll all be back to normal very soon (like later on today now!).

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