Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Thousand Different Ways to be patient

Clay Aiken - A Thousand Different Ways. *sigh*

I adore living in New Zealand, I reckon it's the best country in the world, but just occasionally there's a downside to living here.

Clay's new CD, A Thousand Different Ways, was released at midnight in the US (which was around 6pm here), and everyone I know there was either at a Clay Aiken CD release party (there were parties at record stores right across the country), or sitting with their fingers poised on the "buy album" button at iTunes, waiting for the clock to strike twelve. Unfortunately New Zealand doesn't have an iTunes store yet, so although I can see Clay's ATDW page, I can't actually buy the CD.


Which is a total bummer, because the iTunes version of the CD includes a bonus track, not available anywhere else. It's called Lover All Alone, and by all accounts it's to die for. Rumour has it that the song was co-written by Clay, and everyone who's heard it seems to be completely amazed that it isn't on the regular version of the CD - it's so heartbreakingly good. Waaaaaaa! I wanna hear it! If you're lucky enough to have an iTunes store in your country, go to Clay's ATDW iTunes page to get a copy and see/hear it for yourself.

Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient.

UPDATE 12.51am: You rule, luckiest1! I love the internets. Dearest luckiest1 from the CH just bought me a copy of the CD from iTunes and emailed me an mp3 of Lover All Alone. Oh my Gawd! It's so beautiful, and gentle, and just... yearning... what a sad, sad, gorgeous song. Every single woman who hears it will be a weeping puddle on the floor by the time it's halfway through. Go get it!

Then there's another bonus track (a different one) on the KMart version of the CD. If you buy A Thousand Different Ways from one of their stores, you get a PIN number which allows you access to the downloadable bonus track. However I can't get hold of it because they don't do overseas sales. Rats! I can't even find ATDW listed on their website, so maybe it's an in-store thing only.

Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient.

Clay Aiken Soundcheck. There's also a thing at Walmart called Soundcheck, which is an exclusive video of Clay backstage, singing four complete songs from the CD, Clay talking about the making of the CD and all kinds of other stuff (it's an excellent interview) and generally doing his thing. He looks and sounds gorgeous, but for some reason it's running really slowly for me tonight, and I'm only getting a couple of seconds at a time before it stops and loads some more.

Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient.

Bleagh. It's hard listening to him sing for only 3 seconds and then have to wait 60 seconds to hear the next tiny bit! I'm not even going to mention the fact that I have one or two political "issues" with this particular store. Let's not go there. Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient.

Then there's the Sony store with the bonus special magnet thingy that comes with the CD. I can't buy that either, because the US Sony store won't accept overseas payments and they won't ship overseas either. Rats!

Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient.

Clay Aiken fanclub banner. Of course, you know that, being one of Clay's slightly, er, more *enthusiastic* fans, I've already figured out ways around all these little challenges.

I have friends in the US buying me all these bits and pieces as we speak; I've had two copies of the CD ordered on Amazon since the moment it became available for pre-order; and I'm even going to try sweet-talking Brian at work tomorrow, because he used to be an American, and if he still has an American credit card maybe I can persuade him to buy me an iTunes copy of the album so I don't have to wait until my Amazon package arrives. We shall see.

Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient. Mustbepatient.

Patience is a virtue, I know, but sometimes, even I just.want.it.now! And NOW is one of those times....

PS In the time I've been writing this, ATDW has gone from #150-something, to #55 and now to #24 on iTunes top album downloads. The CD's been available for just over 6 hours. Wonder how long it'll take to get to #1? :)

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