Sunday, August 06, 2006

What I don't understand about Lebanon

Thousands Of Israelis Hold Anti-War Protest In Tel Aviv. Getty Images News - David Silverman. Okay - I must be really stupid or something. Perhaps those terribly wise and open-minded 'world leaders' George Dubya or Tony "I'm no US poodle" Blair could enlighten me because I really really don't get it.

Why THE F**K is it OK for Israel to bomb the crap out of Lebanon today and every day since 12 July, killing many hundreds of civilians, up to half of whom are innocent children - and for Hezbollah to do the same (although to a far lesser extent) to innocent civilians in Israel - but at some point in the future - perhaps next Tuesday or whatever day the US decide - the UN will finally be allowed to pass a ceasefire resolution and both parties will be told in no uncertain terms to lay off?

So in other words, they (and IMO the Israeli people in particular) are being told "OK guys - you have X number of days to kill as many civilians as you like - and to destroy as much infrastructure as possible during that time - and then we're going to tell you to stop, because what you're doing is a really really bad thing."

It makes no sense to me. Either the reaction of Israel is disproportionate right now or it's not. Either a ceasefire is necessary right now or it's not. Either the rules of war are being broken right now, or they're not. How is it possible for Bush and Blair and all the other hypocrites to keep a straight face and announce that a ceasefire will be ordered sometime in the future?


And yes - I'm aware of the fact that I am expressing a one-sided view of the situation. I know that innocent Israelis are being killed as well as Lebanese, and it pains me. The death of anyone in war is a terrible thing and it's all utterly appalling. But what pains me far more right now is the complete one-sidedness of this conflict, of its utter stupidity, the disproportionate reaction of Israel to the initial provocation from Hezbollah, and the complete hypocrisy of the way a number of world leaders are dealing with this situation.


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Jim Jay said...

George Bush and co will be for peace and democracy as soon as their side have had time to "finish the job". Only then will their be an international force installed to ensure Israel doesn't bear all the brunt of occupying Lebanon.

I can't remember who said it but it seems very apt in this instance "Thye created a desert and called it peace"

Anonymous said...

Re: "Okay - I must be really stupid or something."

At least you're smart enought to realize that.

Anonymous said...

And I've seen reports that these people are being killed and maimed with US bombs which were rushed to Israel in the week the bombing began. Something the media seems to be ignoring - while Iran is apparently supplying Hezbollah - the US is supplying Israel.