Friday, June 23, 2006

Reasons to be cheerful (part 3)

WinnieOkay, so my blog doesn't include parts 1 and 2. It's just the title of an old Ian Dury and the Blockheads song which I thought was quite appropriate for this post.

This evening I can be cheerful because....

  • Even though my central heating didn't get fixed today (the spare part got stuck in the snow on the way down here from Auckland. Or rather, the truck carrying it did), all being well it will be fixed on Monday, and that's better than the two weeks I was originally going to have to wait.

  • I managed to get my gas-fire-but-it-looks-like-a-real-fire going in the living room this evening. Yaaay! I tried and failed last night, so I'm really glad I gave it another go tonight. It's toasty warm in here now! (15 degrees, as opposed to 9 degrees which it was in my living room last night!)

  • I love my new job - it's interesting, and comfortable, and I am left in peace most of the time to do my work (which is the way I like to work), and the people are great, and they respect my opinion, which is very nice indeed.

  • My cats are both home, curled up in the two warm places in the house (Winnie with me on the sofa in the living room and Bailey on my bed near the fan heater) which means I don't have to go out in the middle of a storm looking for Winnie (which is what I did the other night when she stayed out really late).

  • I'm not stuck in the snow down south with no power (although that would certainly be pretty).

  • My Teevy boyfriend, Clay Aiken, is bound to announce the release date of his new CD SOON, and then I'll get to hear some more of that heart-stopping voice. Yaay!
Of course, there are lots of other reasons, like being happy with my life, and having great friends, and thinking about visiting my sister and her babies soon, and being healthy, and having the incredible good fortune of living in New Zealand, and heaps of other things, but these are my reasons to be cheerful for this evening.

BTW, it's Friday night - so I promise I'll have something more profound to write about tomorrow... in the meantime you'll have to make do with this little fluffy piece of positivity...

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~ YSRN ~ said...

I wasn't sure where you'd see this but I haven't read your latest Webstock blogs, so The Cute Kitty blog it is!

YAY! We made a difference for the Whales! Thanks for letting me know and for your comments in my blog.

I got distracted this week with gardening and watering and so much yardwork and haven't blogged at all. Yours inspire me though. That "cold" picture reminds me of a backpack trip I took 11 years ago in August with my brother. HOT as hell, but at the end of it, my car broke down and we were trapped in a little town where we got our Dalmatians. Oh...I'm supposed to save all those details for the blog. Whoops!

*waves* and *hugs* Hope you're toasty warm this evening!